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Technical Assistance

SEPAC members also have an opportunity to engage further with SIECUS staff to receive tailored technical assistance to enact their vision for comprehensive sex education. Technical assistance looks different for each member depending on the goals of the organization.

As a SEPAC member, you are able to receive additional, customized and tailored support for their state/local advocacy for comprehensive sex education policies. These Technical Assistance levels are tier based, and were developed as a starting point for members to consider given their history of CSE efforts, capacity of organizations, and the desired engagement of SIECUS staff. 


Engaging in Technical Assistance with SIECUS includes general membership to SEPAC. 


SEPAC Silver Level
  • All of the above membership benefits, plus up to 15 hours of customized assistance from SIECUS staff around issues of your choosing. Assistance can be provided via phone, email, and video conference. This level might be right for you if you have been working in an established coalition on sex ed or related topics but you are looking for occasional ad hoc support. This level may also be right for you if you have limited experience in policy advocacy around sex education and are not yet ready to engage in an in-depth process to advance legislation. You’d like occasional, tailored assistance in supporting or opposing efforts related to adolescent reproductive and sexual health in your state. This level also includes four quarterly meetings** that will meet half a day for all SEPAC members. These meetings will feature a theme, expert speakers, and relevant workshops. During the meetings, SIECUS will facilitate breakout sessions so that states with similar challenges have opportunities to work through issues and scenarios together. 


SEPAC Gold Level
  • All of the above, plus 50 hours of customized assistance from SIECUS staff. This level of assistance will allow for more intensive project-based guidance and may be right for you if you have been working in coalition on sex education or related legislation but you feel less secure about your organization’s capacity on this front. This level of membership will provide consistent, ongoing support to help you take regular action that uses your resources most wisely and helps to build partnerships and staff expertise on the policy front. 


SEPAC Platinum Level
  • All of the above, plus 100 hours of customized assistance from SIECUS staff. This level of assistance will allow for regular, ongoing, structured communication and assistance and may be right for you if you do not have a solid coalition and/or plan for passing sex education legislation in the state. With this level of membership, you will receive intensive help in creating an in depth strategic plan to pass legislation, including coalition-building strategy. SIECUS anticipates working with partners at this membership level for at least two-three years in order to honor the time necessary to build partnerships, cultivate policy makers, etc. 


SIECUS is aware of the financial realities that many organizations face, especially due to the pandemic. SIECUS does not want cost to be prohibitive to engaging in SEPAC. As such, we are happy to offer a sliding scale for each level of membership as requested. If needed, SIECUS will work with you to develop a fundraising plan that would enable the SEPAC member and its sub-grantee (SIECUS) to be supported to achieve success. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information about SEPAC cost by contacting us at

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