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SEPAC Benefits

SIECUS’ Sex Education Policy Action Council (SEPAC) is a membership-based council, through which each of SIECUS’ state-based organization partners can self-select an engagement level based on its own needs and realities.


Maximize Engagement & Access

At the center of SEPAC are our state partners. SEPAC provides members with the opportunity to connect and learn from each other and experts via the facilitation of SIECUS staff. Members engage in monthly meetings and annual convenings with the purpose of building strategies for forwarding local, state and federal policy that is supportive of, and in alignment with, Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE).  

Monthly meetings and annual convenings are designed to meet the needs of members and the current political climate. Additionally, there are general topic areas, central to effectively passing policy change. These topic areas provide the basis for the SEPAC curriculum and include:  


  • Funding Opportunities for Sex Education  

  • The Collection and Strategic use of Data 

  • Capitalizing on Opportunities and Implementing Incremental Positive Change 

  • How to Develop a Strong Defensive Strategy

  • Highlighting Equity and Inclusion for All Young People

  • Engaging in Coalitions  

  • Developing a Communication Strategy 

  • Mobilizing your Community 

Technical Assistance

SEPAC members also have an opportunity to engage further with SIECUS staff to receive tailored technical assistance to enact their vision for comprehensive sex education. Technical assistance looks different for each member depending on the goals of the organization.


SIECUS is aware of the financial realities that many organizations face, especially due to the pandemic. SIECUS does not want cost to be prohibitive to engaging in SEPAC and/or Technical Assistance. As such, we are happy to offer a sliding scale for each level of membership as requested. If needed, SIECUS will work with you to develop a fundraising plan that would enable the SEPAC member and its sub-grantee (SIECUS) to be supported to achieve success. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information about SEPAC cost by contacting us at

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